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Helicopters Division

This division focuses on leisure helicopters.

With specialists in machining, welding, painting, engine preparation and avionics, Dynali controls the whole production process which ensures high quality and short lead times.

Our two-seater ultralight helicopters have a MTOW of 530 kg and are equipped with a Dynali Motors 135 hp injection engine. The engine is developed by Dynali to optimize its performance and adapt it to the requirements of a helicopter use.

Our helicopters are known for their excellent flying capabilities and low operating costs. Therefore, they are perfectly adapted to private users, flight schools and industrial companies.

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H3 Sport – 135 hp

H3 Sport

Fly your own ultralight helicopter. Live your dream.


Rotax 912 ULS-I-BB


135 hp


530 kg (1 169 lb)


165 km/h (103 mph)


10 000 ft


1 000 ft/min


2.5 – 3.5 h*


22 L/h (5.8 gph)


SP 98/UL 91

* 60 L – 80 L Fuel tank
* 15.8 – 21.1 gal Fuel tank


The Dynali

912 ULS-I-BB

Technical sheet


The Dynali Motors engine provides 135 hp with the most appropriate power configuration for a helicopter thanks to the ECU controlled electronic injection system coupled with bigger bore cylinders. 

It provides a perfectly linear torque and comfortable power reserve, without increasing weight. In addition, the fuel consumption remains around 22 L/h (5.8 gph). It has the best power to weight and power to fuel consumption ratio.


The H3 Sport is a lightweight helicopter designed for safety and simplicity. It is easy to fly, easy to maintain and it has very low operating costs. Owning your helicopter is now possible as the H3 Sport offers the best quality/price ratio in its class.

  • Commercial name : H3 Sport
  • Type : Two-seater ultralight helicopter
  • Market leader
  • Nearly 200 helicopters sold in 14 countries
  • Short delivery times (around 100 working days)
  • Specialised distributors network
  • Powered by 135 hp engine based on Rotax 912 ULS
  • The H3 is certified at MTOW of 530 kg
  • Certificates: DGAC, AESA, CAA, NCAA

Technical features

  • 4 blade anti-torque rotor
  • MoTeC on-board electronics
  • Carbon profiled landing gear
  • Automatic clutch
  • Precision governor

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Why choose the H3 Sport?

  • Operating cost of 100 €/h (about
    25 % of costs of a general aviation
  • Low fuel consumption (22 L/h)
  • All components have been designed
    to include wide safety margins
  • Roomy cabin (1m30 wide)
  • Stability of helicopter and light touch
  • Ease of autorotation and high glide

Assembly Line

Dynali helicopters are manufactured and fully assembled from A to Z in a single production site in Belgium. All mechanical parts are machined and welded in our factory. The Dynali 912 ULS-I-BB is based on a Rotax engine block to which Dynali has added its own injection system and an ECU entirely mapped by our engine specialists. Cylinders, pistons and other critical parts have been designed by Dynali to provide 135 hp and an engine fully adapted to helicopters.

Following assembly, the engine spends 5 hours on a test bed for break-in. All parameters are monitored during a normalized procedure. After this step, the assembly is finalized and the bodywork can be performed. This stage includes painting of the fairings in our paint shop equipped with a paint mixer and a chromograph. This allows the client to specify exactly the colour scheme desired. Finally, the helicopter is submitted to 5 hours of test flights covering the full flight envelope – then a quick wash and polish and it is ready for delivery to the lucky customer.

It is this integration of the production processes which enables Dynali to quote very short delivery times (around 120 working days).

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A Highly Qualified Team

The company currently has 25 full time employees, working in a    4 000 sqm factory in Belgium. A large part of the personnel is employed on the production line, while a team of engineers works full-time on the development of UAVs/drones designed to provide tailor-made solutions to customers’ requirements.

The concentration in a single production site of all the skill sets required for the manufacturing and assembly of helicopters, from engine preparation to avionics, provides Dynali with tight control over all processes and offers a guarantee of quality and short delivery schedules.

Our Process of Production

We have several CNC machines that manufacture 90% of the H3 components. All the components are then stored in-house.

All the airframe parts are welded in our factory in Belgium.

Our paint cabin has a computer-controlled paint mixing system and chromatograph.

At Dynali, we receive the engines from Rotax. We start by completely disassembling them. We set asides various parts in order to work mainly on the casings so they fit with our components manufactured in-house such as the cylinders. The crankshaft is balanced. We also work on the intake and injection systems. We install an electronic throttle body which is controlled by a MoTeC ECU. It helps us managing a power that reaches 135 HP and create an engine adapted to the helicopter use.

After the engine preparation, we install the engine on the helicopter and transfer it on the Dyno Bench. We perform a 5-hours engine break according to a normalized procedure. During this tests we collect all the parameters like pressures, temperatures and vibrations to ensure that everything is working perfectly.

Finally, our test pilots perform a 5-hours flight test for each helicopter. They fly in numerous situations to ensure the aircraft is perfect and ready for its owner.

Maintenance & Operating Costs

The maintenance program for the H3 Sport is one of this machine’s greatest advantages. The entire helicopter has been designed for ease of access, simplicity and low cost of maintenance for the owner. It can be performed easily thanks to detailed but very simple technical procedures.

The general TBO of the H3 Sport is at 2400 h and has no calendar limited service life. Service inspections are spaced at every 25, 50, 100, 300, 600, 1200 and 2400 h.



The figures below are estimates only, calculated by Dynali Helicopter Company. The prices will vary depending on use, costs of labour, local condition and prices. Under no condition should the estimated costs below be considered as contractually binding.

1. Provision for Helicopter standard overhaul

2400 h helicopter standard overhaul (€ 17.640,00), per flight hour € 8,80
(Labour cost excluded)

2. Direct operating cost

50h maintenance operation cost 5h labour (estimated) € 350 € 26,50
100h maintenance operation cost 10h labour (estimated) € 700 € 300,00
300h maintenance operation cost 25h labour (estimated) € 1750 € 1.720,00
600h maintenance operation cost 50h labour (estimated) € 3500 € 6.290,00
1200h maintenance operation cost 100h labour (estimated) € 7000 € 14.710,00


Total direct operating cost, per flight hour* € 37,70
*Cumulative direct maintenance cost on 2400h = € 75.400,00

3. Total operating cost

(1) 2400h helicopter standard overhaul, per flight hour € 8,80

(2) Total direct operating cost, per flight hour € 37,70

Provision for non-scheduled repair, per flight hour € 5,00

Total operating cost, per flight hour € 51,50
(Engine overhaul, fuel, labour, insurance, depreciation, local
transportation and hangar excluded)

Special maintenance operations

These maintenance operations can not be estimated per flight hour as intervals are indeterminate and dependent on inspection.

Engine overhaul Rotax (912ULS / 912ULS-I / 914UL) See Rotax Price’s list
Note : Engine may have to be replaced at any time, if required for safe operation.

Main Transmission Gearbox (gears & bearings replacement) € 2.620,00
Note : If pinion gears are found worn during maintenance inspection, gears, bearings and sealing rings must be replaced.


Find the answers to all your questions about our helicopters. We also answer your questions about the drone.

Yes you need to. The kind of license will depend upon the applicable regulation in your country. In many countries, the Dynali H3 Sport is considered and certified as an “ultralight helicopter” and thus requires an ultralight helicopter pilot license. The process for obtaining such a license is relatively simple as compared with a “PPL/H” or private helicopter pilot license. In the countries where the helicopter is certified and registered as a kit-experimental helicopter, you will usually have to pass a PPL/H license.

Dynali sold nearly 1 000 fixed wing ultralight aircrafts before starting to develop helicopters. To-date over 200 Dynali helicopters have already been delivered in more than 14 countries, on 5 continents.

The purchase prices of the H3 Sport can be found on the “Price” page of the website, together with the price of all the options. The H3 sport is the lowest cost side by side two-seater helicopter in the world thanks to investments made in our production line. All prices quoted by Dynali are ex-works and tax excluded.

Yes it does. Most of the theoretical topics are the same (weather, communication, …). Having some experience on fixed wing aircraft or gyroplane surely helps for the practical side as well, but flying a helicopter requires some more training as it is truly different.

No, Dynali does not provide flight training. However, Dynali has a network of flying schools in numerous countries and can help you get in contact with them.

One Dynali helicopter can be shipped in a standard container (20′), with just the removal of the main rotor blades and two blades from the tail rotor. Reassembly takes less than one hour.

Yes, everything is included to allow for legal and safe flight in VFR daylight conditions. Additional instrumentation, transponder, radio are among many options available. When the helicopter is delivered, all the assembly has been carefully inspected according to the complete control protocol. Five hours of flight tests and commissioning are performed before delivery.

Yes, with an H3 Sport, your instructor can certainly train you on your own machine.

Yes you can. The 25 h and 50 h maintenances can be performed without training. A maintenance training is required for the further maintenances. The formation can be completed at Dynali or one of our Distributors.

unleaded 98 octane automobile fuel or Avgas 91UL (unleaded fuel developed for ultralight aircrafts).

It depends on the local regulation in your country, regarding ultralight helicopters. In Europe, the H3 Sport falls into the ultralight helicopter category which authorizes it.

Yes. Every Dynali helicopter undergoes ground tests and at least 5 hours testing through the full flight envelope by the company pilot before shipment.

Yes. Every Dynali helicopter is fitted with an accurate governor to maintain the constant rotor speed required for helicopter flight. The governor is fully automatic and does not require any action from the pilot during the flight.

This depends on the status of the order book at the time of placing of the order. The maximum delivery time is 6 months. However, it is only when the firm order and the 50% deposit have been received that an airframe number is allocated and a firm delivery date, which may be considerably shorter, can be confirmed. Usually, the delivery time rounds 4 months.

Dynali welcomes potential distributors and customers at its facility in Belgium. Access is fairly easy as Dynali is at mid-distance between the Brussels National Airport and Charleroi airport (Ryanair hub), and Dynali can provide airport pickups. Alternatively the company is 10 minutes from Nivelles station which is itself a 20 minute train ride from Brussels Midi station, from where Eurostar, Thalys and TGV high speed trains link Brussels to the rest of Europe. An aeroclub 5 km from Dynali welcomes visiting ultralight aircraft (Baisy-Thy/EBBY).

Extremely well. The helicopter’s rotor has been develop considering this important aspect. Thanks to its inertia and excellent flying capabilities and all those who have tried it have been impressed by its docility in autorotation.

For a competent aircraft mechanic it is extremely simple. For those among us who have no mechanical experience, it is probably safer, at least at first, to leave it to a professional who has a copy of the maintenance manual.

First just send an email to info@dynali.com and tell us a little about you and your operation. We will then contact you and send you a standard Dynali distributor contract and invite you to visit the factory, see the manufacturing processes and talk with all our key people. The main requirements for a distributor are to buy a demonstration machine, having a flight school, at least one pilot and one qualified technician trained on H3. If everything fits, for you and for us, we sign a distribution contract.

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