35 years of passion and experience have been devoted to providing, the pleasure of flying ultralight helicopters.

Fly your own helicopter

The H3 Sport is a lightweight helicopter designed for safety and simplicity. It is easy to fly, easy to maintain and it has very low operating costs. Owning your helicopter is now possible as the H3 Sport offers the best quality/price ratio in its class.

Land everywhere

The H3 Sport is able to land anywhere thanks to its great agility. We have all dreamed of landing in a friend's garden, on a beautiful sandy beach or on the top of a mountain. The H3 Sport can take you discover all horizons.


The H3 Sport offers a cabin which is wider than that of certain general aviation helicopters and an all-round visibility which is unobstructed by door surrounds. The seats have been designed for the comfort of people of all shapes and sizes and the controls can be adjusted to fit in the pilot’s hand without any stretch or strain. Options include everything from leather seats and a cabin heater to a plug to recharge your telephone.

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17 jun 2021

Our partner Artech'Drone attended the Culturales 2021 in Reims

Our partner Artech'Drone attended the Culturales 2021 in Reims on June 15, 16 and 17. This event brings together 45 technical workshops in an open field over 20 hectares to show all kinds of...READ MORE

02 jun 2021

Launch of the first ULM Helicopter School in Turkey with our H3...

The Company Uludag Havacilik has a permit from the Turkish authorities to establish the first ULM Helicopter School in Turkey! Their CEO, M. Yürekli, has chosen Dynali with its flagship H3 to let...READ MORE

19 mai. 2021

Dynali D3 UAV Platform turned into a utility drone in China

As promised, here is a video of our D3 UAV platform turned into a utility drone in China. Click here to watch the video Did you know? D3 is the new commercial name of our UAV Platform. In need of a...READ MORE

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About the Dynali helicopter company

Dynali Helicopter Company is the Belgian helicopter manufacturer of the H3 Sport, ultralight helicopter. It is based 30km south of Brussels and employs a highly qualified team, devoted to the production of this incredible helicopter. For those with a love of flying, there is nothing comparable to a helicopter. READ MORE

We have all dreamt of landing on a friend’s garden ! This beautiful ultralight helicopter, the Dynali H3 Sport, has taken the market leadership as the two-seater microlight helicopter with the lowest cost, both to purchase and to operate.

With thirty years in the light aviation business, Dynali rolled out its first ultralight helicopter in 2011, with the first series of H3’s. Almost all components of the H3 are manufactured by Dynali, ensuring High quality level and low delivery times.

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