Two man & two seater helicopter for sale

Since 1983, the Dynali Helicopter Company has been manufacturing two seater helicopters - also known as two place helicopters - in Belgium. 

Our highly qualified team of professionals is in charge of producing and assembling our two seater helicopters. -> Smart à créer

They build safe, reliable, and state-of-the-art two seater helicopters. Our professionals will conduct an in-depth study of your requirements to make sure they offer you a two seater helicopter that suits both your budget and flying needs.

Entirely assembled in our workshop in Thines, 30km south of Belgium, our ultralight helicopters are ideal for training, leisure and aerial work. Check out our competitively priced two seater helicopters.

Highly resilient and easy to pilot, our two seater helicopters offer outstanding levels of performance thanks to their mechanical and aerodynamic design ; they also feature low fuel consumption and high standards of cockpit comfort.

In its spacious 1,200m² workshop located 30 km south of Brussels, the Dynali Helicopter Company manufactures ultralight/microlight helicopters, LSA helicopters, and can recommend helicopter flight schools to get a helicopter pilot licence.

Looking for a two seater helicopter or two man helicopter for sale, contact us for more information. Two seater helicopter for sale, or ultralight helicopter for sale can be easily found on the internet, on dedicated websites


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