11 sept. 2020

Late summer over the Pyrenees

One of a pair of Dynali H3 – 135HP, photographed from the other, taking advantage of the last days of summer to overfly the Pyrenees in South Western France where the amazing all round...READ MORE

08 sept. 2020

Dynali – Jiangxi Drones over China

Drones, or unmanned Aerial Vehicles are today’s hot topic in the aviation business and Jiangxi Helicopter Industries,  Dynali’s Chinese partners have taken a potentially leading place...READ MORE

26 aou. 2020

Neither vacations nor virus stops Dynali production

During the July August heatwave, with the vacation season and the virus induced delays in the supply chain, production at Dynali continued as illustrated by this new H3 – 135 HP completing its...READ MORE

10 aou. 2020

Below deck of an H3

While the Dynali H3 is well known for the visibility and accessibility of its engine, there is also a whole lot of engineering and electronics on the latest 135 HP version which are invisible to any...READ MORE

27 mai. 2020

Another shipment of H3 kits leaves for China

Loading starts on six more H3 kits ordered by the Dynali distributor in China into a 40 ft container. These will soon be on their way to China, which has become one of the major export markets for the...READ MORE

05 mai. 2020

Virtual H3 flight

For those who are prevented from flying by rules resulting from the COVID-19, or who do not have the privilege of owning their own H3,  there is a way to at least get an impression of what is...READ MORE

07 apr. 2020

When you urgently need your H3…

This client had his H3 shipped by airfreight to Nigeria, which involved the tail and main rotors being removed and secured in the crate with the complete airframe.  Needless to say, this is not...READ MORE

31 mar. 2020

Dynali now a private heliport

Dynali has now been recognised as a private heliport which allows for a great deal more freedom of operation for the company.  Visitors with helicopters or customers with their H3s can now land...READ MORE

20 mar. 2020

Type certificate for Dynali in China

On March 10th, the Dynali H3, assembled in China from kits supplied from Dynali, achieved type certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China under the name of JH2. Dynali is...READ MORE

09 mar. 2020

AERO 2020 cancelled

Like just about everything else in the News these days, the Coronavirus has hit all aspects of the aviation business. Now the Friedrichshafen Air Show, Europe’s biggest event in the general and...READ MORE

04 feb. 2020

Dynalis around the World

The spread of Dynali H3s has now extended about as far from the factory in Belgium as it is possible to go. Here is a New Zealand registered Dynali H3 ZK-HHQ, visiting Kaiaua, a beauty spot on North...READ MORE

20 dec. 2019

Best wishes for 2020!

Dynali entering 2020 with a full order book. We wish our friends and clients a similar success!READ MORE

18 nov. 2019

Dynali breaks the 100

The Dynali Helicopter Company entered a new phase in October by passing the 100th H3 Sport ordered since the prototype flew in 2012, the 150th aircraft since the company started to manufacture...READ MORE

06 sept. 2019

Warm reception for Dynali at Blois Air Show

Dynali and French distributor Air Flash were present at the Blois Air Show with four helicopters, representing the entire range of Dynali H3 light helicopters.  In brilliant sunshine (and a great...READ MORE

04 sept. 2019

Another five for China

Adding to the considerable number of Dynali H3s in the Chinese skies, 5 new airframes are in the assembly stage in the Dynali plant. The Dynali distributor in China, BGAC Jiangxi Helicopter Co.,...READ MORE

07 aou. 2019

Combining business with pleasure ...

The end of the summer is a great time to visit the beautiful "chateau" country along the river Loire in Western France. Every year the largest air show devoted to ultra-light aircraft in Europe takes...READ MORE

15 jul. 2019

Dynali installs new engine test bed

As part of the continuing program of monitoring and development, Dynali has installed a new engine test bed which allows for the measurement, control and recording of numerous relevant engine...READ MORE

08 jul. 2019

Heatwave at Dynali

With temperatures, and the Dynali order book, soaring to nearly record levels, the team took a lunchtime break for a barbecue. This was a perfect time to discuss in a relaxed atmosphere the tasks to...READ MORE

26 jun 2019

Dynali H3 Big Bore undergoes altitude tests in the Alps

Taking advantage of the long daylight and the fine spring weather, Dynali test pilot Francis Huchette, accompanied by Dynali flight engineer Jean-Claude Materne, spent a few days in the French Alps...READ MORE

23 apr. 2019


Dynali participated at the AERO international air show at Friedrichshafen with two helicopters on static display, one performing demonstration flights at the nearby Markdorf airfield and a seven-man...READ MORE

29 mar. 2019


 Dynali will be present both in the static display and in flight during the AERO Friedrichshafen show from April 10 to 13 2019. On stand number D4-309 Dynali will display its top of the line H3...READ MORE

20 feb. 2019

The Dynali AQUA – it flies – and it floats!

The new version of the now well-known Dynali H3, the H3 AQUA, is just what is needed both for the fun of a weekend picnic on a lake in the forest or as an emergency device for over water flight. The...READ MORE

26 nov. 2018

No Limits to Imaginative Designs on H3

From the original H3, the concept of which was close to the philosophy of Henry Ford: "The customer can have any colour he wants - as long as it's black", Dynali H3s have been becoming more and...READ MORE

15 nov. 2018

Dynali introduces the Naked H3

Following its presentation as a concept aircraft at the Blois air show in early September, so much interest has been expressed in this variant of the H3 design that Dynali has decided to incorporate...READ MORE

31 oct. 2018

Big machines to make small helicopters!

On October 30th, Dynali took delivery of a latest generation CNC lathe to add to the two CNC turning machines already operating in the plant. The new machine, which weighs ten tonnes, or the weight...READ MORE

21 sept. 2018

Dynali increases again its manufacturing facility

 Following the ground breaking in June and the holiday period, the construction of the extension to the Dynali plant is proceeding apace.  The new extension will more than double the size...READ MORE

26 jun 2018

Dynali rotors over Poland

The summer weather really makes it a pleasure to fly in an H3 over the Polish countryside, although with its cabin heater overflying the snowscapes is also fun.  Whatever the outside...READ MORE

18 jun 2018

H3 at the first STOL competition

 The worlds first international STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) competition took place from June 14 to June 18 and Dynali was invited to place an H3 on static display.  Although the H3...READ MORE

12 jun 2018

Dynali makes its presence felt in Poland

Poland is the latest European market in which the Dynali H3 is making its mark. The two leading aeronautical magazines, Przeglad Loniczy (Aviation Revue) and Skrzydlata Polska (Winged Poland)...READ MORE

07 jun 2018

Dynali H3 downunder

The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority has issued the first permit to fly for a Dynali H3 in that country. This was achieved following exchanges of information between the Dynali Helicopter...READ MORE

22 mai. 2018

New groundbreaking at Dynali

Dynali has commenced the construction of a 1600 square meter (17 000 sq. ft) extension to its existing manufacturing facility in the Nivelles industrial zone in Belgium. This enlargement of capacity...READ MORE

18 apr. 2018

Dynali H3 Sport at Friedrichshafen Aero Expo 2018

Dynali’s H3 Easyflyer was an attention grabber at the Friedrichshafen event AERO 2018. Decorated with an eye catching colour scheme, it was certainly one of the talking points of the show. ...READ MORE

11 oct. 2017

Expansion of Dynali markets continues

September 2017 was marked by two significant events in the expansion of Dynali sales.   The first Dynali H3 was registered in the USA as N361EX by the US importer Hangar 36 in Cincinnati. This...READ MORE

06 sept. 2017

Dynali increases its flight department

Dynali has doubled its flight department by the addition of a second company pilot. The volume of work for the flight department, involving demonstration flights, test flights for machines coming...READ MORE

23 mai. 2017

Official Presentation Movie of the Dynali H3 EasyFlyer Sport

Link :   Dynali Helicopter Company has edited a new presentation movie of the H3 EasyFlyer Sport, side-by-side ultralight helicopter.READ MORE

19 mai. 2017

Dynali delivers its 50th H3 Sport

Dynali Helicopter Company, the Belgian manufacturer of ultralight helicopters announces the delivery of its 50th H3 Sport light helicopter.   This machine is for delivery to the Air Flash...READ MORE

05 mai. 2017

Dynali Helicopter Company enters polish market

In early May 2017, Dynali Helicopter Company shipped the first H3 EasyFlyer Sport to Poland. This machine will serve as a demonstration machine for Autokompleks company, the newly appointed Dynali...READ MORE

10 nov. 2016

Dynali H3 EasyFlyer Sport powered by Rotax 914UL Turbo

In addition to the successful versions of the Dynali H3 Easyflyer Sport, already flying in the skies of Europe with the 912ULS (100 HP) and 912ULS-I (110 HP) versions, Dynali has now introduced the...READ MORE

17 oct. 2016

Parallel production at Dynali

Dynali is moving from the one-by-one serial production of H3 ultralights to parallel production as the volume of orders builds up. Picture shows three instrument panels for H3s out of six now in...READ MORE

23 aou. 2016

Dynali H3 EasyFlyer Sport granted UL helicopter certification in...

On August 23rd 2016, the Dynali H3 EasyFlyer Sport became the first ultralight helicopter to obtain an ultralight type certificate in Spain, thus opening another market where the H3 can be sold in...READ MORE

14 jun 2016

Shark Tail for the Dynali H3 EasyFlyer Sport

Dynali has rolled out the first H3 EasyFlyer Sport fitted with the new Shark tail ! This beautiful stabilizer has been designed by Dynali and optimized with CFD analysis to be more efficient...READ MORE

20 apr. 2016

Dynali Helicopter Company showed off the H3 at AERO...

Dynali Helicopter Company was present at AERO Friedrichshafen 2016 A record number of visitors came to the Dynail booth and showed great interest in the H3. The H3 on display subsequently left for...READ MORE

15 mar. 2016

Dynali H3 Sport passes EASA standard tests

Two years ago, the H3 Sport has ben certified as UL helicopter in France. In two years, it has become the bestseller side-by-side UL helicopter in that country, thanks to its very low operating cost...READ MORE

05 Jan. 2016

Increasing sales for H3 Sport !

2016 started well with the delivery of an H3 Sport to a very happy Dynali customer who thus joined the growing Dynali family ! This paint scheme was upon customer request. Less than 2 months needed...READ MORE

01 nov. 2015

First H3 in Germany !

In anticipation of the forthcoming publication of regulations for microlight helicopters in Germany, the first H3 was shipped to a German customer in November 2015. In the same month the first H3 was...READ MORE

15 oct. 2015

Nice clip from our distributor Héli-Tech (Montélimar, France)...

Excellent flight skills of the H3 and, of course, its pilot ! Enjoy ! MORE

08 aou. 2015

More colour for the H3 Sport !

After an initial series of H3 microlight helicopters in white, Dynali built a series with a dominant black colour, enhanced by orange markings. Colour schemes are now becoming more adventurous with a...READ MORE

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