LSA helicopter

The Dynali Helicopter Company is one of the leading companies in Belgium manufacturing ultralight helicopters and, for countries applying FAA regulation, LSA helicopters.

Our production workshop in Thines, 30 km south of Brussels, can produce six to seven helicopters per month,  including LSA helicopters.

Thanks to our expertise, and meticulous and experienced team, the Dynali Helicopter Company not only produces and assembles LSA helicopters in its workshop but also conducts research and development into ultralight helicopters.

Whether you are an aviation novice or an experienced pilot, the Dynali Helicopter Company can offer you an LSA helicopter and recommend flight schools for your pilot licence meaning you can learn to fly at an affordable price.

LSA helicopters are an intermediary class between ultralight (or microlight) helicopters and general aviation helicopters.

The LSA helicopters category does not exist in Europe but is fairly widespread in North America and countries which generally apply FAA regulations.

Today, ultralight helicopters and LSA helicopters manufactured by the Dynali Helicopter Company fly all over the world.
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