Kit helicopter


The H3 can be sold as a kit helicopter and indeed must be in countries which do not yet recognize ultralight helicopters.

The rules for building a kit helicopter vary from one country to another but generally include the following :

A kit helicopter must generally be more than 51% assembled by the owner of the kit.

A kit helicopter may be preassembled in part, but not exceeding 49%, by the manufacturer.

The owner of a kit helicopter is considered as the constructor in all legal matters.

The manufacturer of a kit helicopter is responsible for all parts of the kit and for the assembly manual.

The owner of a kit helicopter may perform all maintenance operations himself or by a person responsible to him.

A kit helicopter will be granted a certificate of airworthiness which generally includes restrictions.

While most countries limit the MTOW of a kit helicopter to 700 kg, the USA does not have this restriction. The factory imposed MTOW of an H3 sold as a kit helicopter is 600 kg with the Rotax 914UL.


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