H3 Sport

Specifications of the H3

Cruise speed
Service ceiling
Rate of climb
Fuel tank capacity
Fuel consumption
Rotax 912ULS-i-BB
135 HP
140 km/h
165 km/h
10000 ft
500 kg
1000 ft/min
60 L (80 L option)
22 L/h
2.5 - 3.5 h

*Range with 60 L | tank (+ reserve) / option : 80 L

Commercial values measured in optimal weight, temperature and pressure conditions.

The H3 Sport is powered by a 4 stroke Rotax flat four engine.

The Rotax 912ULS-I-BB 135 HP (INJECTION & BIG BORE 1600cc)

  • Which provides the most appropriated power configuration for a helicopter thanks to the ECU controlled electronic injection system coupled with bigger bore cylinders. The advantage of this solution is that it provides an increased torque and comfortable power reserve, without increasing weight. In addition, the fuel consumption remains around 22 L/h. It has the best power to weight and power to fuel consumption ratio.
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