Helicopter pilot licence

The type of helicopter pilot licence that you will require depends on the country and the type of machine that you are flying. If you buy a kit helicopter and assemble it yourself, it will, following inspection, be given an airworthiness certificate as an experimental helicopter. In this case you will need a normal private helicopter pilot licence. In all countries where ultralight helicopters (or microlight helicopters as they are also known) are authorised, you will only need an ultralight helicopter pilot licence.
Dynali has close relations with helicopter flight schools and can recommend the appropriate school for you to train for your helicopter pilot licence and to become a safe private or professional helicopter pilot. 

Acquiring your helicopter pilot licence is the first step to being able to independently fly a helicopter.

As a first step to getting your helicopter pilot licence, a familiarisation flight with the Dynali company pilot with the H3  ultralight helicopter is an excellent option.

The Dynali Helicopter Company accompanies its clients from the first demonstration flight in ultralight helicopters to the moment they obtain their ultralight helicopter pilot licence!

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