H3 Sport

Maintenance & operating costs

The maintenance program for the H3 Sport is one of this machine’s greatest advantages. The entire helicopter has been designed for ease of access, simplicity and low cost of maintenance for the owner. It can be performed easily thanks to detailed but very simple technical procedures.

The general TBO of the H3 Sport is at 2000h and has no calendar limited service life. Service inspections are spaced at every 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000h.

The figures below are estimates only, calculated by Dynali Helicopter Co., based on July. 2016 maintenance schedule and do not include the cost of labour. The prices will vary depending on use, cost of labour, local condition and prices. Under no condition should the estimated costs below be considered as contractually binding.

1. Provision for Helicopter standard overhaul

2000H helicopter standard overhaul (! 17.640,00), per flight hour (Labour cost excluded)
€ 8,80

2. Direct operating cost

50h maintenance operation cost
1h labour (estimated)
€ 26,50
100h maintenance operation cost
2h labour (estimated)
€ 300,00
250h maintenance operation cost
15h labour (estimated)
€ 1.720,00
500h maintenance operation cost
11h labour (estimated)
€ 6.290,00
1000h maintenance operation cost
20h labour (estimated)
€ 14.710,00
Total direct operating cost, per flight hour*
*Cumulative direct maintenance cost on 2000h = € 75.400,00
€ 37,70

3. Total operating cost

(1) 2000h helicopter standard overhaul, per flight hour
€ 8,80
(2) Total direct operating cost, per flight hour
€ 37,70
Provision for non-scheduled repair, per flight hour
€ 5,00
Total operating cost, per flight hour
(Engine overhaul, fuel, labour, insurance, depreciation, local transportation and hangar excluded)
€ 51,50

Special maintenance operations

These maintenance operations can not be estimated per flight hour as intervals are indeterminate and dependent on inspection.

Engine overhaul Rotax (912ULS / 912ULS-I / 914UL)
Note : Engine may have to be replaced at any time, if required for safe operation.
See Rotax Price’s list
Main Transmission Gearbox (gears & bearings replacement)
Note : If pinion gears are found worn during maintenance inspection, gears, bearings and sealing rings must be replaced.
€ 2.620,00
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