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Do I need a license to fly the H3 Sport ?

Yes. The kind of license will depend upon the applicable regulation in your country. In many countries, the Dynali H3 Sport is considered and certified as an “ultralight” helicopter and thus requires an ultralight helicopter pilot’s license. The process for obtaining such a license is relatively simple as compared with a “PPL/H” or private helicopter pilot’s license. In the countries where the helicopter is certified and registered as a kit-experimental helicopter, you will usually have to pass a PPL/H license.

Does it help to have a fixed wing or gyro pilot’s license ?

Yes. At least as regards the theoretical part of the course. Weather, communications, etc. are the same whether in fixed wing or rotary aircraft. Having some experience on fixed wing aircraft or gyroplane will surely help, but flying a helicopter requires some more training as it is very different.

Does Dynali provide flight training ?

No. Dynali does not have a flight school. However Dynali can arrange “conversion” training for pilots with helicopter licenses and recommend schools where flight training is provided using Dynali H3.

How many machines has Dynali sold ?

Dynali sold nearly 1 000 fixed wing ultralight aircraft before starting to develop helicopters. To-date over 200 Dynali helicopters have already been delivered on 6 continents, including 120 H3 Sport.

How much does a Dynali helicopter cost ?

The purchase prices of the H3 Sport can be found on the “Price” page of the site, together with the price of all the options. The H3 sport is the lowest cost side by side two-seater helicopter in the world thanks to a very huge investment in a serial production line. All prices quoted by Dynali are ex-works and tax excluded.

What about shipping costs ?

One Dynali helicopter can be shipped in a 20’ container, with just the removal of the main rotor blades and two blades from the tail rotor. Reassembly takes less than one hour.

If I buy a Dynali helicopter in “flyaway” condition, is everything included ?

Yes, everything is included to allow for legal and safe flight in VFR daylight conditions. Additional instrumentation, transponder, radio are among many options available. When the helicopter is delivered, all the assembly has been carefully inspected according to the complete control protocol. Five hours of flight tests and commissioning are performed before delivery.

Can I learn to fly on my own Dynali helicopter ?

Yes, with an H3 Sport, your instructor can certainly train you on your own machine.

Can I service my own machine ?

Yes. The H3 can be serviced by their owners or, under the owner’s responsibility, by a technician at the local aeroclub. A maintenance training in Dynali facility is though strongly advised and in some situation, required by Dynali.

What kind of fuel is required for Dynali helicopters ?

98 octane automobile fuel.

Can I use my Dynali helicopter for commercial purposes ?

It depends on the local regulation in your country, regarding light helicopter. In Europe, the H3 Sport falls into the ultralight helicopter category which allows for that.

If I buy a Dynali helicopter in “flyaway” form, has it been tested in flight ?

Yes. Every Dynali helicopter undergoes ground tests and at least 5 hours testing through the full flight envelope by the company pilot before shipment.

Do Dynali helicopters have governors ?

Yes. Every Dynali helicopter is fitted with a governor to maintain the constant rotor speed required for helicopter flight. The governor is fully automatic and does not require any action from the pilot during the flight.

Does Dynali have national distributors ?

Yes, Dynali has a number of distributors in different countries. Exclusive distributors all have demonstration machines and both pilot instructors and technicians have been factory trained. Dynali welcomes contacts from candidate distributors in countries where the company is not yet represented.

How long is the delivery time for a Dynali helicopter ?

This depends on the status of the order book at the time of placing of the order. The maximum delivery time is 6 months. However, it is only when the firm order and the 50% deposit have been received that a chassis number is allocated and a firm delivery date, which may be considerably shorter, can be confirmed. Usually, the delivery time rounds 3-4 months.

Can I visit Dynali to see the manufacturing process and test fly a machine ?

Dynali welcomes potential distributors and customers at its facility in Belgium. Access is fairly easy as Dynali is at mid-distance between the Brussels National Airport and Charleroi airport (Ryanair hub), and Dynali can provide airport pickups. Alternatively the company is 10 minutes from Nivelles station which is itself a 20 minute train ride from Brussels Midi station, from where Eurostar, Thalys and TGV high speed trains link Brussels to the rest of Europe. An aeroclub 5 km from Dynali welcomes visiting ultralight aircraft (Baisy-Thy/EBBY).

How does the H3 EasyFlyer Sport perform in autorotation ?

Excellently, there is considerable inertia in the main rotor due our choice for very heavy rotor blades and all those who have tried it have been impressed by its docility in autorotation.

Can I use the H3 Sport in my flight school ?

Generally yes - but regulations vary from one country to another so it is best to check with your national CAA.

Is it easy to fly the H3 Sport ?

That depends on what you mean by easy. The H3 is certainly no more difficult than any other light helicopter and considerably easier and more forgiving than many. Nonetheless, like any helicopter it does require training and the discipline to remain within the safe flight envelope.

Is the maintenance easy ?

For a competent aircraft mechanic it is extremely simple. For those among us who have no mechanical experience, it is probably safer, at least at first, to leave it to a professional who has a copy of the maintenance manual.

What about the relation between me and the company ?

Dynali keeps track of all helicopters sold and sends technical & commercial documentation, service bulletins and news to all owners. The company also welcomes feedback in the form of comments or suggestions from all Dynali operators. The Fleet Management System allows for keeping a very close and permanent relation between Dynali and each helicopter.

I want to be a Dynali distributor, what are the requirements ?

First just send an email to info@dynali.com and tell us a little about you and your operation. We will then contact you and send you a standard Dynali distributor contract and invite you to visit the factory, see the manufacturing processes and talk with all our key people. The main requirements for a distributor are to buy a demonstration machine, having a flight school, at least one pilot and one qualified technician trained on H3. If everything fits, for you and for us, we sign a distribution contract.

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