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First ULM Helicopter School in Turkey

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Dynali’s new distributor in Turkey, a company called Uludag Havacilik (Uludag Aviation) is a well established flight school which has trained over 2 000 pilots.  The company has now has been issued a permit from the authorities to set up the first ultralight helicopter flight school in Turkey. Dynali has been selected as supplier of the H3 as their training helicopter.

The Dynali Team is glad to support Uludag Aviation, knowing the importance of reliable performance and constant availability of aircraft with heavy training schedules to meet. And, as most purchasers of ultralight helicopters start out as trainees in flight schools we can confidently forecast a rapid growth of both the leisure and utility markets in Turkey.

We can only add “en iyi dileklerimle” (Best wishes) to Uludag Havacilik !


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