Dynali H3 Sport passes EASA standard tests

15 mar. 2016

Two years ago, the H3 Sport has ben certified as UL helicopter in France. In two years, it has become the bestseller side-by-side UL helicopter in that country, thanks to its very low operating cost and handling characteristics for ab-initio training of UL pilots.

Last year, first H3 Sport was sold to the new Dynali distributor in Spain (Hedespa).

After having worked (for a long time) in cooperation with Spanish Civil Aviation Authorities, for making the H3 Sport the first UL helicopter certified in that country, Dynali completed  EASA- based structural tests of the complete helicopter structure.

Tests were conducted according to the major EASA CS-VLR / BCAR-VLH / FAR27 certification specifications, and up to the most extreme loading conditions.

A complete helicopter was sent to the Institute of Aviation (Warsaw), one of the major test centers in Europe.

Tests started in mid-March and were completed in early April.  Results showed that safety factors in the H3 stucture  met or exceeded all requirements of the CS-VLR standard. .

The test report will not only be presented to Spanish CAA but also to the German DULV, following the sale of one first H3 in Germany.


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