Microlight helicopter

Dynali Helicopter Company

Dynali Helicopter Company is the belgian manufacturer of the H3 Sport ultralight helicopter.

The workshop facilities are located in Thines (30km south of Brussels) and the 4000 sqm plant is large enough to produce 6 to 7 helicopters per month.

A major part of the team is dedicated to the production and assembly while a few people are continuously working on the research and development, making Dynali helicopters the best ultralight helicopters on the market.

With Dynali Helicopter Company, the greatest care is given to each customer, always considered as being a close member of the family.


In the early 80ʼs, the company was just called Dynali ("helicopter" being added to the name later). At that time, Dynali sold more than 1000 Chickinox microlight fixed-wing aircraft.

But by the beginning of the new millennium, the arrival in the market of new ultra-light aircraft built in carbon fibre with innovative designs, brought the first generation of ultra-light airplanes to an end. Dynali was actually searching for another challenge.

Thanks to a new shareholder, who injected new capital into the company and provided it with the means to spend several years in research and development, Dynali designed its first light helicopter.

Helicopters present design difficulties out of all proportion with those presented by light aircraft. Even though the concept of the helicopter can be traced back to Leonardo da Vinci, the first practical helicopters did not take to the air until 40 years after the first fixed wing aircraft.

As of 2011, with the introduction of the micro-light category of helicopters, Dynali was among the first to enter this market with the H3 which is now in series production and flying in Europe and the Far East.

The H3 is a two-seater side-by-side helicopter powered by a Rotax engine. It has been designed around three main words : quality, safety, simplicity.

Today, Dynali helicopters are flying throughout most of the world, from the South Pacific to the Indian Ocean and from France to Korea.

Team leaders

  • Thierry Blanchart : Chairman
  • Noël Howard-Jones : Marketing
  • Michaël Khader : Engineering
  • Pierre Desmarets : Production
  • Francis Huchette : Flight department
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