Big machines to make small helicopters!

31 oct. 2018

On October 30th, Dynali took delivery of a latest generation CNC lathe to add to the two CNC turning machines already operating in the plant.

The new machine, which weighs ten tonnes, or the weight of 26 Dynali H3s, is capable of performing machining tasks which previously required the successive use of the two existing machine tools.

Together with the increase of 1600 square meters of factory floor space and the inclusion of in-house paint and composite preparation booths, the top to bottom integration of the Dynali production process continues. Components, such as transmission gears which require special steels, will continue to be out-sourced to suppliers who comply with Dynali designs and quality standards.

The increased production capacity of Dynali is intended to match the growth of the order book while maintaining the relatively short delivery times required by clients.

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